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Uli Kortsch

Founder and President, Global Partners Investments

Uli Kortsch is the founder and president of Global Partners Investments, Ltd. He founded the company to create financial secondary markets for the micro-enterprise and small-scale-enterprise sectors of US inner cities and developing nations. In his capacity as president, Mr. Kortsch has written a bill for Congress, which was reviewed by the Congressional Legal Services, as well as Treasury, and the Senate and House Banking Committee staffs, and conferred with approximately 15 presidents, ministers of finance and ministers of commerce during the course of business.

Before founding Global Partners Investments, Ltd., Mr. Kortsch served as managing partner at Kolagg Investments, LLC, executive vice president of special projects for Asset Management Associates, Inc., chief financial officer of Dream Builders, Inc., founder and president of Global Partners Funding (Peru), executive coordinator of the Global Dialogue Institute and national director and CEO of Youth with a Mission (Canada), Inc.

Mr. Kortsch holds a master's in business administration from Eastern University, and an honors Bachelor of the Sciences in Chemistry from the University of Alberta.

A native of Germany, Mr. Kortsch has held or currently holds memberships on the boards of MercyShips International, International Reconciliation Coalition, the University of the Nations, Dialogue Institute, World Relief Canada, among others. He has held assignments in over 50 countries, is fluent in English and German and is well-versed in French.